Molecular Tattoo on the cover of Cell Press’ Chemistry & Biology

Our results have been published in the Resource section of Chemistry & Biology, Volume 22, Issue 4. The article is featured on the cover of the magazine (cover design: Miklós Képiró).

As the caption says: Precise, localized confinement of drug effects has been a long-standing aim of researchers. Képiró et al. (pp. 548–558) introduce an optopharmacological technology named molecular tattooing that confines drug effects into subfemtoliter volumes of live cells and organisms, without exerting any systemic- or side-effects outside the targeted area. The cover image shows a tattooed MT shape that was engraved into a single live HeLa cell by covalently attaching azidoblebbistatin to nonmuscle myosin 2 upon two-photon irradiation. After tattooing, a two-photon microscopic picture was taken of the cell. The MT shape appears green because azidoblebbistatin-myosin2 covalent complex is fluorescent. Actin network (red) and nuclei (blue) are also shown.